Ryan’s Story: From Prison To Progress!

Ryan’s story began under challenging circumstances, marked by severe behavioural concerns, property damage, and a profound disconnection from self-care. His journey with iBC Healthcare began upon his release from prison, where he faced the prospect of re-entering society without housing or adequate support.

Ryan has Autism and faces challenges daily, associated to his understanding, emotion regulation, history of substance misuse and disinhibited behavior. Upon completing a remote assessment with the prison, and meeting Ryan virtually; we were pleased to be able to offer our support upon his release in just 7 days’ time. Helping to ensure that Ryan received the intervention he needed, in a suitable and robust environment. Preventing the risk of him re-offending and to keep him safe with the support he needed and deserved.

Ryan’s MDT explained that he needed “high levels” of support to keep him and others safe, and an out of county placement was specifically being sourced due to the nature of his offences. Ryan’s desire to return home clashed with concerns over community and family safety. Therefore, iBC offered the newly refurbished Aspen House, a three-bedroom property, in Leicester. iBC Healthcare recognised the complexities that Ryan faced, and that they didn’t align with his wishes. This embarked on a tailored approach to his pathway of returning home.

The transition from prison to the community for Ryan, was not easy. While navigating some system’s failures, Ryan entered an episode of Psychosis. This required 3:1 support to keep him safe. iBC maintained our advocation for the support and intervention he needed, and were committed in understanding his mental health cycles. In time, Ryan was supported by his staff team to enable a recovery pathway. This enabled him to learn coping strategies to prevent breakdown. Ryan’s social worker told iBC:

Through supervised train visits, opportunities for positive risk-taking, and enhanced staff training. iBC Healthcare prioritised gradual steps towards Ryan’s ultimate goal of returning home. Specialised mental health training enabled the team to effectively manage Ryan’s behavioural patterns, supplemented by intensive debriefs for staff members. Small, yet significant gestures – such as accompanying Ryan to his first haircut, played a pivotal role in rebuilding his self-esteem and reinforcing personal care routines. Due to the complexities of the transition, our Therapeutic Support team lead by James Punch (PBS Lead) facilitated Ryan’s visit to the Barbers. James said:

Ryan’s path was once clouded with uncertainty and barriers, as he awaited his release from prison. But now, he is preparing for his first-ever job search, a testament to his resilience and newfound confidence. His journey underscores the transformative power of personalised care, patience, and positive risk-taking in achieving successful community reintegration. Liz Snow, Regional Manager for supported living says

Sharing his story with others, Ryan reflects on the incredible transformation he has undergone. Embracing the opportunity to live the life he wishes, free from institutionalisation and restrictive practices, in his local community. His journey with iBC Healthcare serves as an inspiring testament to the potential for growth and fulfillment, even in the face of adversity.

Thank you to the Supported Living Team Leicester and Therapeutic Support services for enabling these opportunities for Ryan. It’s stories like this that reinforce why we do what we do. To #doamazingeveryday and encourage the people we support to do the same, whatever amazing means to them.