Meet The Manager – Matt Bray

I first started my journey with iBC as Senior Support Worker for residential service Lester Hall Apartments and progressed to Team Leader there, supporting individuals with complex Mental Health needs. Last year I was made aware of an internal advert for a Peripatetic Team Leader Role for supported living services in Leicester and so I successfully transferred over to support both existing packages and the mobilisation of new packages. I am now the Support Manager for Leicester Supported Living. iBC invest into teams and colleagues, supporting internal promotions and career development, which is great!

For me the best bits are the involvement, I have the opportunity to be out and about, getting to know the people we support, meeting individual’s MDT’s and families, learning about individual’s needs and ensuring that the right support is in place to meet these high acuity needs and manage presented challenges and risks. Getting to know the people we support, their goals, interests and wishes is so important to ensure positive outcomes are achieved, no matter how small those outcomes might be. I love playing a role in somebodies journey to better opportunities in the community.

Offering specialist support is never one size fits all, it’s often a challenge to match the right people with the right services and the right support however we are dedicated to person centered care and will continuously find new and innovative ways to offer bespoke support solutions. Overcoming challenges like this every day, is really rewarding.

My advice would be to think about why you want to join the care industry, it’s not all going for lunch and coffee shops. Working in this industry is about committing yourself to the needs of others, spending time to build meaningful trusting relationships with the people we support, who sometimes might not want you in their lives! Supporting people with complex needs. who often present with challenging behaviour towards their support staff certainly isn’t easy. You can be at the receiving end of these behaviours, but then one day that same person will smile at you or take your hand at random. When that happens, you’ll know you’ve made a difference. When you can dedicate yourself, your understanding and patience to the people you support every single day, on the hard days too – that’s when you’ll know, you do it for the right reasons.