H: Three Months Later

iBC Healthcare is always thrilled to share such incredible outcomes of the people we support. We are committed to understanding the care and support needs of the people who are referred to iBC services before we begin to support them, which is often remarkable in comparison a few months later …

H is a sociable young lady with lots of energy. Her needs are consistent with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, combined with severe generalised Learning Difficulties and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. H has complex difficulties relating to Autism that impact her learning, communication, personal, social and emotional development. H’s diagnosis also affects her physical needs, sensory needs and level of independence. At the time of referral, H was residing in a children’s residential care home. However, as H was fast approaching her 18th birthday it was identified that H would benefit from specialist support in her own home, so a referral to iBC Healthcare was made in Spring 2023.

At the time of iBC’s assessment process, H presented with extremely challenging behaviour including severe property damage, and self-injurious behaviour; such as biting, hitting and dropping to the floor. H would shred her clothes, bedding and other fabrics. H’s change in behaviour was sudden, unpredictable and triggered by minor changes to her routine, environment and the time of year. H found comfort in accessing the outdoors to regulate her emotions at times her anxieties were heightened or distressed. This was all to be factored in finding and adapting H’s forever home, in her local community, close by to her family and circle of support.

After a successful assessment, iBC set out to find the perfect property. Taking into crucial consideration H’s need for outdoor space, robust specification, toughened features and the right balance of privacy but by no means isolation. iBC worked in partnership with H’s MDT, and family for several weeks. Until an ideal solo bungalow was found and adapted specifically in line with H’s particular needs, to include underfloor heating, new walls, an additional wet room and specialist vinyl flooring. This work allowed iBC to design the right environment to offer as H’s long-term home to mark her transition into adulthood and the beginning of her journey to greater independence.

H’s new home.

Following a carefully planned transition, knowing this would be extremely difficult for H. H moved into her new home in August 2023 and has settled incredibly well considering her complex needs and anxieties surrounding the transition. We are thrilled to share that H’s behaviours of concern have reduced a great amount and she is becoming much more independent. Accessing the community daily to enjoy new opportunities such as parties, walking, shopping and heading out for ice cream with her support team and family.

H’s parents share that they believe this anxiety reduction is thanks to H having her own space, surrounded by things she enjoys. Alongside the freedom to access the community and her garden when she wants to, without limitation. We continue to support H in maintaining the positive relationships she has in her life, encouraging her to spend valuable time with her family regularly. H has also reached one of her set goals of accessing further education and tutoring!

iBC is incredibly pleased that H has achieved such positive outcomes in as little as three months. We truly believe that this is thanks to H being supported in an environment that is right for her, by highly skilled people who are committed in offering person-centred support.