Meet The Manager – Adele Rickett

Adele Rickett joined iBC Healthcare in January 2023 and is the Registered Manager for North Midlands Supported Living. In a short space of time Adele has managed to transform the lives of many people she comes in to contact with. By her creative ways in supporting some of the most vulnerable people within the community.

Today we had the opportunity to meet Adele to discuss her journey, and the reasons why she does what she does.

Tell us a little bit about your journey so far since joining IBC and what made you join?

I joined iBC Healthcare in January 2023 and since, has been the best time of my career! I’ve loved every second of my job, the support I receive from my surrounding colleagues is outstanding. Upon joining iBC Healthcare as a recommendation. I saw the values and mission of the company matched my own values in care, and support for people with complex learning disabilities and care needs. Since my journey, I have gone through brilliant and consistent training. I have been supported to achieve the best outcome for people we support. I have achieved outstanding goals in supported living North which have been ‘non-achievable’ for other care providers. My journey will only keep going stronger. With my team around me, we can continue to achieve incredible outcomes and goals, promoting more independence and better lives. We do amazing everyday!

What are the best bits about your role?

There is so much I love about my role it’s incredibly rewarding. Being able to support people to live better lives. Helping them to achieve goals that nobody expected, and enabling people to live happy, fulfilling lives in their own homes in the community. This will always be the best parts of my role. I work with an amazing team of support workers. All with our values aligned as we build strong relationships with the people we support. It’s also a privilege as a Manager to be a person of trust to all.

What are the challenges?

As we know, the demand for specialist homes in the community is very high in light of so many people awaiting discharge from hospitals or secure settings, but unfortunately, suitable solutions are lacking. Offering specialist accommodation and support for complex needs isn’t easy, requiring a great amount of knowledge, experience and planning. We are extremely committed in offering the opportunities that people deserve, and we truly believe that everyone has the right to live in their on home with the right support. Seeing the outcomes we enable makes the challenges worth it every time.

What would you say to someone if they were thinking about joining the care industry?

Absolutely do it! It is the most rewarding and heartwarming job you can do. You feel fulfilled when you are able to change lives for people in a positive way and achieve so many goals. I used to be a hairdresser before my career in care, and I have been in care now for 10 years, starting as a support worker. So I have been in many different roles, and nothing makes me feel happier than to have had the experience of growing from a support worker to a registered manager. In the care industry, no matter what role you are in, can achieve many positive outcomes for people we support.

Thank you Adele!

Adele has had an inspirational impact to the North Supported Living Service. Adele is a wonderful manager with great leadership qualities and inspires her teams every day. Adele is focused on delivering high quality care within her team and ensuring learning outcomes and goals are achieved for the individuals we support. 

Stephanie Turner – iBC Healthcare Area Manager North

Adele and her team are a true reflection of iBC’s aims and values, by helping people to achieve the “unachievable” in the community. Their efforts and incredible outcomes never go unnoticed, which is evident in light of their recent finalists nomination for the Great British Care Award – Supported Living Team Award. Thank you!