DPG’s Story

DPG has a diagnosis of Autism and Severe Learning Disabilities. DPG relies on his staff to support and encourage routine and structure, to help him understand the world around him. Having high energy levels that need to be channelled into meaningful activities, to help relieve and therefore avoiding escalation in behaviours. DPG is non-verbal, who depends on his staff team to pre-empt his needs and understand him well. So a dedicated and highly skilled staff team is paramount in ensuring DPG’s needs, wishes and goals are met.

Before moving into his own home, in a quiet town in Leicestershire. He lived in his family home, and received community support and respite care from another provider, who’s staff team supported us to facilitate a smooth transition, showcasing partnership working.

Since moving into his new home, DPG has achieved many short-term goals, and continues to grow with the support of his person centred staff team.

Some words from Leicester Supported Living Team Leader, Matt Bray
DPG’s person-centred staff team

Biggest Achievement

DPG is a vibrant individual and is learning to regulate his energy by taking breaks and relaxing between activities. DPG has partaken in activities such as ice-skating, and has been encouraged to help cook fresh meals daily and clean up after activities.

Future Goals

We envisage that DPG’s future outcomes consist of a higher level of independence and exploring new learning in his new environment. We will continue to support DPG in enhancing all acts of daily living, such as food preparation and participation in the general upkeep of his own home.

After our introduction into ice- skating by the Team Leader, DPG has now been approached to skate on the National Autistic Skate Team and is now undertaking a robust program to ensure he achieve this goal.

Here at iBC Healthcare we are a specialist provider supporting individuals in line with the Transforming Care Program and are flexible in designing and embedding bespoke support. We strongly believe that people with a learning disability and/or autism should be living within a community setting, not hospitals.