The Dovecote

A beautiful and tranquil specialist residential home in the heart of Pleasley in Mansfield.

Welcomed to people with associated complex needs such as mobility, communication difficulty, and epilepsy. Our colleagues are innately passionate about delivering high quality care. The service is person centred around each individual who lives here, which is evident from the entrance.

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  • Tailored care packages in line with individual needs and assessments
  • The founder and creator of “The Dovedance”, a charity disco attended by many within Mansfield offering the people we support an opportunity to socialise and make new friends.
  • Encouraging to partake in holidays, days out and excursions.
  • Promoting to seek paid and voluntary employment, college courses, further education and/or other vocational activities.
  • Specialised home environment catering to 18 individuals diagnosed with a learning disability, ASC and other associated needs.
  • Offering a home for life.
Tranquil garden
Serene interior
Relaxed decor


Rebecca Bond

69 Bagshaw Street, Pleasley, Mansfield NG19 7SA

We support individuals who can present profound & multiple learning disabilities such as:

  • Autism/ASC
  • Communication Difficulties
  • Epilepsy