Welcome PL!

PL was referred to iBC Healthcare Residential Services and upon conducting a robust assessment process. For those who know him well, P moved to Cale House at Tarry Hill in February.

Our residential care facilities are specialist settings. They are carefully designed to provide live-in support for individuals with complex care needs and challenging behaviour. Providing care packages tailored to individual needs and assessments, our support focuses on engagement and inclusion.

Tarry Hill
Tarry Hill

P was shy and introverted when he first joined us. But with consistent efforts from the support team at Tarry Hill, he has flourished in his new home and is now actively participating with his peers. 

He is now engaging well and continues to build positive relationships with those around him. P has contributed to the home’s activities and celebrations, such as Tarry Hill’s Valentine’s Day party. He also recently participated in a cake-baking contest with the support of Senior Support Worker Lori-Anne. Baking a cake from scratch with the opportunity to explore his creativity with cake decorating! P won this competition and peers expressed that this really encouraged P to come out of his shell. Prompting him to enjoy the celebration full with his peers by sharing a slice of his masterpiece!

Tarry Hill boasts a beautiful courtyard, complete with colourful murals and quiet spaces. P is often found here playing football and invites his peers to join him daily! P has recently expressed to his key workers that he enjoys living at Cale House, and is looking forward to partaking in more activities. Such as the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest celebration, where P has offered to help make some decorations for the day! This is a huge achievement for P, as before joining us we assessed him to lack interest in activities, avoid socializing or engaging in daily living tasks. 

iBC are looking forward to seeing P flourish further in Cale House! Welcome P, and well done to our colleagues of Cale House, Tarry Hill. 

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