Welcome JL!

A referral was made to iBC Healthcare in light of placement breakdown. Unfortunately JL didn’t receive a quality focused service that people deserve.

iBC Healthcare welcomed JL to Orchard Court, a residential service in Leicester in February 2023. Prior to the initial assessment, JL began to enter a low phase of her Bi-polar cycle. Therefore J’s move to Orchard Court needed to be completed promptly. To help stabilise her, and for her to feel safe before this low phase advanced. Within 24 hours of this placement being agreed, Registered Manager Becky White arranged transport and prepared J’s bedroom..

Initially, J’s mood was significantly low and behaviours of concern reflected this in the first few weeks of admission. Orchard Court’s support team dedicated their time to offering J plenty of reassurance. With confidence that J’s true presentation would re-emerge in time. J’s key workers used this time to build the foundations of effective and positive working relationships. Creating a safe space for J in support of her Bi-polar cycle.

Three weeks later, J’s mood gradually began to lift. This was reflected by a much more positive outlook on her new home and support team. With J now back at baseline, Orchard Court colleagues started getting to know J’s likes, interests, goals and wishes. With this consistently patient and supportive approach. It wasn’t long before J was laughing, smiling and her personality really started to shine through. She is now engaging very well with peers and is accessing the local community. And vocalising what she would like to achieve and where she would like to go. Her needs and wishes continue to be met at Orchard Court. Offering as much independence as possible enabling her to live a full and meaningful life.

It’s wonderful to see J enjoying activities and engaging with her peers. IBCs aim is to empower individuals to develop relationships with peers, beyond people who are paid to be in their lives.

Welcome J, and well done to iBC colleagues at Orchard Court!