Welcome J!

J is a vibrant young man with a diagnosis of a Learning Disability. J cannot communicate verbally and had formerly presented with severe bouts of challenging behaviour towards himself and those around him. At the time of referral, J had surpassed notice, issued by his former placement considering his complex needs and were no longer able to support him in the shared residential environment.

At the time of referral, J presented as very distressed and was at significant risk of self-harm and aggression towards others. J would often shred and pick his clothes to regulate his emotions and his anxiety became heightened when the residents around him would make noise. This is why iBC were identified as a suitable provider with our ability to offer a single occupancy home for life with specialist support, in the city J is originally from.

Upon referral, iBC’s Referrals Manager Ebony Staite facilitated several viewings to Anita Jane Lodge in Leicester, to ensure J’s close family, circle of support and MDT could be involved in the selection and personalisation of an apartment that would be offered to J as his forever home, with his own support team and tenancy.

The Community of Leicester
J’s Garden

“Having worked with J before, I was incredibly keen for iBC to support him. I knew we could offer him a highly bespoke support package tailored to his particular needs. Those initial conversations with J’s family were vital in getting to know how J’s presentation had changed over the past 12 months and how they hoped J’s life would look in near future.” Ebony said.

It is imperative that J is supported by people who know him very well, by a team that can understand his methods of communication, anticipate his wants and needs and are highly confident in supporting behaviours that challenge. J’s family advised that in the past, different medications have been tried to manage J’s behaviour, but some had caused him to present in a highly sedated state or even worsened J’ anxieties, on some occasions causing an increase in self-injurious behaviour. iBC strongly believe in least restrictive practice to include chemical restraint, which is why we understood that J required a skilled, consistent, and structured staff team, who can interact with him positively in line with a person centred PBS plan. In light of this, iBC conducted a thorough assessment, a robust four week transition plan and in April this year, J moved into his own ground floor apartment in Anita Jane Lodge Leicester, close by to his family.

When J first joined iBC, he presented with significant challenging behaviour towards his support staff to include physical aggression such as targeting and biting, with daily recorded incidents. J would not engage with his support team, would not partake in activity nor go outside. With a highly person centred approach to his care, PBS intervention and commitment to building a positive rapport, we are thrilled to share that J is now very settled and enjoying the freedom of living in a single occupancy environment with very minimal incidents recorded over the last three consecutive months.

J is now regularly accessing his garden and local community and where he couldn’t before due to risk, is now accessing his own kitchen to prepare food and bake with the support of his staff. J’s behaviour of shredding his clothes has improved substantially.

“Looking at these photos, it’s incredible to see J smiling, wearing a complete outfit of clothing without holes or tears. We continue to hear great things about the relationships he is building with his support team. I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for J at Anita Jane Lodge” – says Ebony.

Where J’s support team identify any need for self-regulation, he is provided with colorful card and paper to tear and shred, which has created a positive and fun activity for him to do with his support peers.

J’s personality is now shining through. Cheeky in nature, J likes to pinch the cookie dough mix when baking, enjoys the summer sunshine whilst foraging in his garden and is enjoying a life of improved opportunity in the community of Leicester with the right level of specialist support.

Thank you to our supported living team of Leicester, in particular Registered Manager Liz Snow and Senior Team Leader Matt Bray, you really do … #doamazingeveryday
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