This is SA

SA has difficulty transitioning into new services and adapting to change, she needs ample time to build positive relationships. Following multiple failed placements in her life, SA may test boundaries to check she is safe and ensure she can trust those who support her.

Having been referred to iBC Healthcare for emergency accommodation and specialist support following a breakdown in her previous placement and a prolonged hospital admission. iBC Healthcare conducted a thorough assessment process and in October this year, SA moved into a three bedroom solo property within the iBC portfolio, which we are now proud to call SA’s home.

“In just three weeks, our incredible team facilitated property adaptations, person-centred care plans and implemented a dedicated 3:1 staff team who have each received advanced, package-specific in-house training. This short, yet robust transition was led by PBS Lead James Punch and Team Leader for Leicester Supported Living, Matthew Bray who have both been rewarded by the business for their remarkable work! This work reinforces our belief that no matter how complex or challenging a person’s care needs may be, everybody deserves access to the right level of care within their own home and community.”

Ebony, Referrals and Partnership Manager

Our robust staff understand the complexities of SA’s challenging behaviour and her methods of communicating her feelings, anxieties and gaining sensory input. The iBC Team have worked hard to write and implement a person-centred care plan, ensuring SA’s staff team members are committed to getting to know her and building a great rapport.

SA is a vibrant young woman who is an avid fan of Disney, Music, Art and loves to engage in all things self-care such as pampering and makeup to name a few. iBC encourages SA to express her hopes and goals, these include enrolling in further education, getting a job, having her own family, visiting Disney Land and enjoying the occasional night on the town! iBC have carefully selected SA’s staff team to support her in accessing the community how she wishes and help her work towards her long-term goals.

“It’s been a privilege to be given this opportunity. Being part of SA’s transition and seeing the difference she is making day to day is incredible.  The team have been amazing and I’m excited to see what the future holds for her!”

Matthew Bray Team Leader for Leicester Supported Living