About Us

IBC Healthcare: Supported Living Services is a specialist service which provides support to individuals with a Learning Disability, Autism, and complex needs from 18+ years old.

We can support you to;

• Have a nice home.

• Feel safe with where you live.

• Have fun

• Manage your home and domestic tasks.

• Get a job or find volunteering or work experience

• Feel a part of your community

• Make friends or find a relationship.

• Stay in contact with your family and loved ones

• Go on holiday.

How will we support you?

• Our person-centred assessment and support planning will support you to identify your goals and aspirations of what you want to achieve.

• We will build on your strengths and use your interests, skills and natural support networks to maximise your outcomes.

• We will make sure that you are communicated with in a way you understand to help you make informed decisions and maximise control on your own life and your support.

• We will use Active Support to increase daily living skills including cooking, cleaning, personal care, shopping, budgeting, socialising.

• We will make sure you have annual health checks, health action plans and access all primary care services (dentists, opticians, pharmacy etc.) to maintain your health and wellbeing.

• We will support you to volunteer, gain employment, develop and maintain friendships and relationships, develop self-help skills and resilience, support each other, progress on your recovery journey and reduce your support needs over time, including moving on from the service into independent accommodation where appropriate.

• Our supportive, person-centred approach will give you hope that it is possible for you to pursue your personal goals and ambitions; Control over your lives; and opportunities to build your lives so you are not shackled by a diagnosis of learning disability or mental illness.

If this sounds like something you would like to investigate further with us, contact us here to find out more information and have a casual chat.