Welcome LF!

iBC Healthcare is a specialist provider. Supporting individuals in line with the Transforming Care Program and are flexible in designing and embedding bespoke support…

L has a diagnosis of LD and Autism. Unfortunately, L has spent most of his life in hospital or secure settings. As his communication is often misunderstood and transpires into challenging behaviour. L was referred to our services in January 2022. the Registered Manager of West Midlands had a good understanding of L’s needs and complexities having worked with him before in previous placements. At IBC, we believe that people like L, with a learning disability and/or autism should be living within a community setting – not hospital placements.

Therefore, the hunt began for a suitable property for L to flourish and develop. Lots of properties were viewed across Birmingham and surrounding authorities to ensure the property specification was considered. The search was not easy, and we spent many weeks viewing properties which did not seem suitable.

Until… We identified this property in Birmingham!

This property is an old farmhouse in Kings Norton in an idyllic setting of 10 acres of land surrounded by out buildings and stables. The thick walls and robustness make the property perfect to accommodate L and other individuals with complex needs. Those who may otherwise reside in hospital due to lack of suitable housing provision. An offer was immediately made on the property, accepted, and secured.

After a couple months of legalities, the work began so the building could really take shape. Mum also got involved in viewing and the identification of the property and supported with design ideas alongside L’s circle of support. These included OTs, PBS and SALT. The property was also designed in line with the good autism practice guidelines, to ensure low arousal techniques were considered. Including low level lighting, positioning of windows colour schemes etc. Anti-ligature was also considered as well as robust fixtures and fittings.

The identification of an experienced staff team then began which included recruiting new members, and also redeploying existing colleagues to support. The staff team partook in rigid training and induction programs, tailored to L’s needs.

James Punch – iBC Healthcare’s PBS Lead who helped facilitate a smooth transition and person-centered support plan.
L’s spacious bespoke apartment with private entrance complete with toughened furniture and specialist trampoline.
Team Leader Tabetha supported L’s transition period and continues supporting L 5 days a week.

The transition for L was over a 12 week period and included an observation of L, and interaction with multiple staff. The PBS plan from the hospital was adapted to meet L`s needs living in a supported living property, whilst maintaining continuity of care and positive approaches where possible. Since L`s move, James has supported twice per week for the first month. Followed on by 1 day per week for the following month to support the staff team around PBS practice.

PBS Lead James Punch says “I am highly impressed by the teamwork and comprehensive bespoke support L has been provided with to ensure this transition was positive and to help him settle into his new home. The transition was smooth and everyone was involved and kept informed at all times. Staff have supported L though some anxieties and incidents during this period but have maintained professionalism and positivity ensuring L is safe and supported fully”

“The staff team built a great rapport with L over this period, understanding his likes and dislikes. Also, observing routines and getting a real understanding of his support needs. “

L has gone from being restrained daily to having 1 restraint in 2 weeks!

“I’m super proud of how far L has come transitioning from hospital over to his forever home. I have noticed the positive change in his behaviors of concern. Moving forward I’m looking forward to L living a fulfilled better quality of life that he certainly deserves.”

L’s Mum Julie mentioned.

Katie Clohessy Manager says “I’m extremely happy to be supporting L in his new home in the community. Since meeting L back in January he has come on in milestones, it feels amazing that myself and my team have been a part of this progression with Luke. We are looking forward to helping and supporting Luke to live a better quality of life”.

Jenny Payne Head of Commissioning says “It is amazing to see L’s journey finally come to fruition after months and months of planning. My colleagues have gone above and beyond to ensure that every obstacle has been overcome to give L the best possible care and support. iBC Healthcare pride themselves in delivering the best care and support possible and deliver our new developments to a high standard. We believe that everyone should have a home where they feel safe and this value will be replicated through all our new developments and helping more vulnerable people”