This year is all about busting myths about living life with a learning disability.

In support of Mencap and Learning Disability Week 2023, we stand to highlight the incredible things that people with learning disabilities can achieve, breaking barriers associated to the misconception and stigma many people still face every day.

During the last 100 years, there have been substantial changes in the ways people with a Learning Disability are seen and treated. By living with a Learning Disability in the 1950s for example, you will have been “treated” with electric shock therapy, locked away from family and friends, segregated from your community, received behavioural “correction” and subjected to derogatory language we wouldn’t dream of using today. Although times have significantly changed, sadly people are still locked away from their community with limited communication with their circles of support. People are still denied the opportunity to explore their skills, wishes and goals; because these outcomes are often unfairly labelled as unrealistic and due to lack of suitable accommodation and support to safely work towards these achievements.

iBC’s mission is to provide specialist accommodation in local communities, to enable access to crucial wraparound support services and remain close to their circles of support. iBC are passionate about people having the best opportunities regardless of their disabilities. We support people to not only reach their potential, but exceed it – achieving the “unachievable”.


Mencap is a British charity organization that gives advice and practical help to people who have learning difficulties, and their families and carers. Mencap also supports changes in the law that will help these people, and works with the Government and other disability organisations to make sure disabled people‚Äôs experiences are reflected in UK policy making. Welcome to our website! | Mencap