JB’s Pursuit: Wainwright Challenge

Embarking on his extraordinary journey of the Wainwright Challenge.

JB, who has a diagnosis of severe Autism, has challenged himself on a quest that demands immense physical stamina and determination. This ambitious endeavour involves climbing all 214 Wainwright peaks in the Lake District. This journey which is not just about reaching the summits, but also about the meticulous planning and dedicated support that have been pivotal to his progress.

Team members at Tarry Hill organised three-day trips and one multi-day trip to the Lakes. Key member Stacey Green, played an essential role of organising transportation by picking both of them up from agreed locations. This support allowed JB to focus entirely on the climbs without worrying about transportation.

A dedicated routine which is crucial for JB’s daily well-being.

Since August 2022, Artur Karwat has been supporting JB independently. This transition allowed them to streamline preparations for the challenge. The waking day begins at 6am, followed with a well-established morning routine. This predictable routine helps JB stay calm and focused, allowing him to accomplish more walking distance when it is time to face the challenge. Supporting JB has developed a closer interpersonal relationship where they can both work towards successfully achieving JB’s goal. Recently, Calum Brennan, the shift leader expressed interest in supporting JB by taking him on occasional day trips to the Lakes. This additional support is invaluable, bringing fresh energy and encouragement to JB’s journey.

During these trips, JB faces these with a calm approach similar to what we would call holiday mode. It has been emphasised by support staff at Tarry Hill of the importance of daily walks, which has become a crucial part of JB’s routine.

In April 2024 alone, JB climbed Harter Fell, Hard Knott, Great Borne, Starling Dodd, and Red Pike. Following on with the longest and most difficult day of hiking. With a distance of over 17 Kilometres, he climbed 6 wainwright Fells that day: Pillar, Red Pike, Scoat Fell, Steeple, Haycock and Caw Fell.

JB used to experience high levels of anxiety, physical aggression, and restlessness. Walking has been a therapeutic activity for James, significantly improving his well-being and behaviour.

JB’s Stepdad

JB has already completed 97 of the 214 fells in less than three years. This accomplishment is significant, especially considering the challenges of severe autism.

JB’s achievements extend beyond the Wainwright Challenge. He has crossed Spain on foot and completed several renowned routes in the UK. These include the Coast to Coast, Pennine Way, and West Highland Way. He recently began the Peak District Boundary Walk, a 190-mile route that he tackles through circular walks, making the total distance around 400 miles.

Support staff at Tarry Hill have began documenting JB’s progress by using a tracker to pinpoint national and international of his achievements.

JB’s achievements so far

He is currently preparing to take on another peak this month, IBC are behind him to support every step of the way.

As the journey continues, we remain committed to helping JB achieve his goals, one peak at a time.

Artur Karwat

A huge well done to JB, this is a powerful testament to his resilience. Showcasing the incredible milestones that can be achieved through dedication, planning, and a strong support network. And a huge well done to the support staff at Tarry Hill who have continued to work alongside JB and encourage him and his goals, you really do #AmazingEveryday!