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AA’s New Chapter: From Isolation to Integration

In a heartwarming story of resilience and dedication, AA, a young individual with complex needs, now has his forever home and a new lease on life, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the Supported Living team in the West Midlands of iBC Healthcare. AA, who has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, additional learning needs, and communication difficulties, faced numerous challenges in his previous placement, leading to significant distress and isolation. However, his story is one of true progress and remarkable transformation.

Struggles and Challenges

AA’s journey has been fraught with difficulties. In his previous placement, he required 7:1 support to manage his behaviour, which included severe challenging behaviours such as harm to others and property damage. The environment was not conducive to his needs, leading to frequent high-intensity incidents and the use of floor restraints. AA’s unpredictable behaviour and difficultly in managing his triggers meant he spent most of his time indoors, further exacerbating his situation and increasing the staff’s fear and reluctance to engage with him. For a long period of time, AA remained isolated, and his behaviours continued to be a significant challenge.

A New Beginning with iBC Healthcare

In a turning point for AA, a referral was made to iBC Healthcare for a comprehensive and compassionate approach. Recognising the need for a highly personalised environment and package of care, we undertook an enhanced three-step assessment process and engaged the close involvement of our internal Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) team. Once we were confident in our ability to meet A’s needs, we purchased and adapted a large home in Kings Norton, providing a bespoke refurbishment tailored specifically for him complete with highly robust fixtures, flush fittings, toughened furniture and plenty of space for A to regulate his emotions, reducing the dependency on restrictive practices and use of physical restraint. 

The transition was not without its challenges. Initially, AA required intervention from seven male staff members due to his strength and the potential for harm. However, iBC Healthcare believe that all behaviour is communication and were dedicated in understanding the needs and wishes A was communicating. Our commitment to least restrictive practices and meaningful engagement paved the way for a successful transition.

Meaningful Engagement and Community Integration

After a robust six week transition, A moved into his new home in March this year. One of the most significant changes in A’s life has been his ability to access the community safely and meaningfully. For the first time in years, A has been able to visit a GP, attend soft play, and enjoy his local park. These activities, previously deemed too high risk, were made possible through meticulous planning and adaptive approaches; delivered by a care team who have received extensive internal training from iBC’s award winning Learning and Development team to include enhanced CPI Safety Intervention and bespoke scenario led training – instilling the competence and confidence to respond and engage, in a way that works for A.

A’s new home environment was designed with his needs in mind, from secure and sensory-friendly spaces to opportunities for outdoor activities. His dedicated support team have fostered a nurturing relationship with A, enabling him to build trust and feel safe.

Significant Progress and Reduced Incidents

The results of this tailored approach have been nothing short of remarkable. There has been an 86% reduction in high-intensity incidents from March to May 2024 in comparison to iBC’s involvement in the infancy of transition, a testament to the effectiveness of personalised care and the right environment. A’s support ratio has already been reduced from 7:1 to 4:1, with further reductions anticipated as he continues to make incredible progress.

Community access was something that had its significant challenges prior to his move, it’s believed that meaningful access to the wider community was deemed impossible for A, considering his former staff’s fear of risks and the labels that had been placed upon him. A now enjoys regular outings, including swimming every Thursday, visiting local lakes, spending quality time with his family and even a recent trip to Thomas Land in Drayton Manor. His routine incorporates his preferences at every stage, such as enjoying chicken and chips with his Grandad on Wednesdays and with his mum on Sundays.

A smiling for a photo after a day out.
A enjoying a pedal boat at the lake with staff.
A spending some quality time with Mum.

Feedback from A’s Mum:

A Bright Future Ahead

The journey of AA illustrates the importance of dedicated, individualised care and a bespoke environment. iBC Healthcare’s commitment to promoting everyday opportunities and freedoms, regardless of the complexity of needs, has helped transform A’s life.

A enjoying his local park.
A much needed stop for Ice-cream
A visiting his local soft play.

A’s story underscores the negative impact of being risk-averse. Just because something is hard – does not make it impossible. We adopt bespoke approaches to make people’s wishes a reality. With continuous progress and the meaningful support of his care team and iBC’s internal therapeutic support services, A’s future looks bright, filled with possibilities and new experiences.

A Heartfelt Thank You

A huge thank you to the Supported Living West Midlands team, AA, involved professionals and his family for their trust and collaboration. Together, we have made significant strides in improving A’s quality of life, ensuring he receives the support he deserves and can enjoy a fulfilling and integrated life in the community.


Meaningful May

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month: iBC’s Commitment to Employee Wellbeing

As we reflect on Mental Health Awareness Month, iBC is proud to reaffirm our commitment to making our workplace a supportive and nurturing environment. The well-being of our colleagues is paramount, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every team member has access to the resources and support they need to thrive both personally and professionally.

This is why we introduced IBC+, by recognising the importance of discussing mental health, and resources are readily available. Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) iBC+ is a cornerstone of this commitment. This comprehensive benefits package covers a wide range of personal and work-related challenges, ensuring that help is always within reach.

Caregiving roles can be incredibly stressful and emotionally draining, especially when supporting those with complex needs and challenging behaviour. Prioritising our colleagues mental wellbeing helps ensure that they feel supported, valued, and capable of managing the emotional toll of their work. This leads to better overall well-being, reduced burnout and maintaining our offering of high quality care and opportunities to those we support.

“This observance is a crucial opportunity for us to prioritise conversations, resources, and support around mental health in our workplace and beyond. Mental health matters, and it’s essential to prioritise it.”

Alveera Lakhani, People & Culture Advisor

iBC+ offers free and confidential access to professional counselling 24/7, complemented by the My Healthy Advantage app, which provides wellbeing tools, resources, and trackers.

Services Available Through iBC+:
  • Counselling and Therapy: Professional counselling services for emotional support and structured therapy sessions.
  • Legal Information: Guidance on legal matters, including debt management and disputes, that may cause anxiety or distress.
  • Bereavement Support: Qualified counsellors to help cope with grief and legal advisors for related matters.
  • Medical Support: Advice on various health-related issues from qualified nurses.
  • Online CBT: Self-help tools, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy modules, fact sheets, and advice videos.
  • Confidential Helpline

However, it doesn’t stop there. We understand how other personal issues and worries can be a primary result to effecting someone’s mental health. With iBC+, this supports colleagues in broader aspects of their personal life to ease and uplift their mental health. Here are other ways it supports:

Women’s Wellbeing

iBC stands by you through pregnancy loss and unsuccessful fertility treatments through enhanced bereavement or annual leave, offering free period products, health food shop and pharmacy vouchers to support menopause wellness and HRT prescriptions reimbursement. We also provide enhanced leave allowance for fertility treatments and enhanced maternity payments.

Financial Wellbeing

We focus on your financial health by ensuring you have the resources and support needed to manage your financial wellbeing effectively.

Physical Wellbeing

Our colleagues enjoy daily fruits at work to fuel your body and stay healthy, participate in our Bike to Work Scheme to commute in an eco-friendly and healthy way, and unlock exclusive savings with the Blue Light Card, which offers over 15,000 discounts from online and high street retailers. Additionally, we provide free access to Udemy courses to enhance your skills and learning.

Emotional Wellbeing

We understand the challenges of family bereavement and offer compassionate and enhanced parental bereavement leave to provide the necessary time, space, and support to heal. iBC+ includes compassionate leave, enhanced parental bereavement leave, and payment support for pregnancy loss and unsuccessful fertility treatment. Experience our enhanced paternity payments to support your family stress-free.

Empowering a Supportive Workplace

Our initiatives to foster a happy and supportive workplace are designed to empower all employees to #Doamazingeveryday. By embracing personal journeys and challenges with compassion and understanding, we create an environment where everyone can succeed.

“Our efforts to nurture an understanding and compassionate workplace, supporting life’s ups and downs, reducing stress, and prioritising our colleagues’ mental wellbeing, are in support and advocacy of Mental Health Awareness Month.”

Ebony Staite, Referrals & Partnership Manager
Join the Conversation

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, we encourage everyone to engage in conversations about mental health and utilise the resources available. Whether it’s through resources available or simply speaking with a colleague, prioritising mental health helps us all to maintain the amazing work we do. To help initiate this, take a look at the Meaningful May calendar below on ways to improve your own wellness and those around you.

A Future of Wellbeing

As we move forward, iBC remains dedicated to the mental well-being of our team. By prioritizing conversations, providing essential resources, and fostering a supportive environment, we ensure that everyone at iBC can continue to excel and feel valued.

Let’s make Mental Health Awareness week a time of reflection, support, and growth. Together, we can create a workplace where mental health is prioritized, and every colleague feels supported in their journey.

Supported Living at Wimblebury, Cannock

iBC are pleased to introduce Wimblebury, our newest development in Cannock offering 4 spacious apartments supporting people with complex care needs associated to Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD)

Wimblebury will offer 4 homes for life to individuals with complex care and support needs with associated behaviours that challenge.

  • 24 hour support in highly robust but non-clinical accommodation.
  • Access to Therapeutic Support Services (PBS, OT & Psychology).
  • Specialist models of support such as Positive Risk Taking, Trauma Informed Care, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Meaningful Activity and Positive Behavioural Support, Occupational Therapy & Psychology.
  • Offering bespoke in-house advanced training (CPI Safety Intervention) for support staff tailored to support each individual’s needs.

Situated in Cannock, Wimblebury offers 4 single occupancy apartments with own front doors. Each apartment includes 1 bedroom, own kitchen, lounge and wet room. Wimblebury comprises of a large communal garden which is not overlooked along with ample off-road parking with secure gates. Set within a rural location but not isolated, which is close to various amenities and main travel networks.

Robust spec of accommodation in line with “Design by Autism”

Z’s Journey to Enhanced Independence

Taking pride in maintaining his new home.
Preparing a cup of tea.
Z enjoying his local park.
Z’s new home in Mansfield.

Ryan’s Story: From Prison To Progress!

Ryan’s story began under challenging circumstances, marked by severe behavioural concerns, property damage, and a profound disconnection from self-care. His journey with iBC Healthcare began upon his release from prison, where he faced the prospect of re-entering society without housing or adequate support.

Ryan has Autism and faces challenges daily, associated to his understanding, emotion regulation, history of substance misuse and disinhibited behavior. Upon completing a remote assessment with the prison, and meeting Ryan virtually; we were pleased to be able to offer our support upon his release in just 7 days’ time. Helping to ensure that Ryan received the intervention he needed, in a suitable and robust environment. Preventing the risk of him re-offending and to keep him safe with the support he needed and deserved.

Ryan’s MDT explained that he needed “high levels” of support to keep him and others safe, and an out of county placement was specifically being sourced due to the nature of his offences. Ryan’s desire to return home clashed with concerns over community and family safety. Therefore, iBC offered the newly refurbished Aspen House, a three-bedroom property, in Leicester. iBC Healthcare recognised the complexities that Ryan faced, and that they didn’t align with his wishes. This embarked on a tailored approach to his pathway of returning home.

The transition from prison to the community for Ryan, was not easy. While navigating some system’s failures, Ryan entered an episode of Psychosis. This required 3:1 support to keep him safe. iBC maintained our advocation for the support and intervention he needed, and were committed in understanding his mental health cycles. In time, Ryan was supported by his staff team to enable a recovery pathway. This enabled him to learn coping strategies to prevent breakdown. Ryan’s social worker told iBC:

Through supervised train visits, opportunities for positive risk-taking, and enhanced staff training. iBC Healthcare prioritised gradual steps towards Ryan’s ultimate goal of returning home. Specialised mental health training enabled the team to effectively manage Ryan’s behavioural patterns, supplemented by intensive debriefs for staff members. Small, yet significant gestures – such as accompanying Ryan to his first haircut, played a pivotal role in rebuilding his self-esteem and reinforcing personal care routines. Due to the complexities of the transition, our Therapeutic Support team lead by James Punch (PBS Lead) facilitated Ryan’s visit to the Barbers. James said:

Ryan’s path was once clouded with uncertainty and barriers, as he awaited his release from prison. But now, he is preparing for his first-ever job search, a testament to his resilience and newfound confidence. His journey underscores the transformative power of personalised care, patience, and positive risk-taking in achieving successful community reintegration. Liz Snow, Regional Manager for supported living says

Sharing his story with others, Ryan reflects on the incredible transformation he has undergone. Embracing the opportunity to live the life he wishes, free from institutionalisation and restrictive practices, in his local community. His journey with iBC Healthcare serves as an inspiring testament to the potential for growth and fulfillment, even in the face of adversity.

Thank you to the Supported Living Team Leicester and Therapeutic Support services for enabling these opportunities for Ryan. It’s stories like this that reinforce why we do what we do. To #doamazingeveryday and encourage the people we support to do the same, whatever amazing means to them.

Supported Living Vacancies at Anita Jane Lodge

iBC are a specialist care provider who offer bespoke single occupancy supported living homes, with specialist support. We offer core, 1:1, 2:1 + support packages to individuals who require 24 hour support in robust, but non clinical settings in the community.

We currently have vacancies to support to support those with complex needs, well equipped to support emergency admissions.

iBC Celebrates 1,000 Employees!

iBC are thrilled to share that we have recently reached a significant achievement of 1,000 employees!

This milestone is testament to everyone’s invaluable contribution particularly over the past 2 years. Whereby, we have been able to extend our offering further afield to support more vulnerable people across the county; presenting many more career opportunities to both new and existing colleagues. It is thanks to all departments that we have been able to create these new career pathways, recruit, train, induct and develop the many talented individuals across iBC today.

“As we celebrate the remarkable achievement of reaching 1,000 employees at iBC Healthcare, we recognise that it’s not just a numerical milestone, but a testament to the collective passion of our teams. With each member contributing their unique talents, we continue to redefine the landscape of specialist care. Not only has the growth of IBC welcomed new individuals, but has presented incredible professional development opportunities for existing colleagues, all of which have been extremely deserving. Together, we offer not just support, but the transformative care individuals with complex needs deserve. With every meaningful interaction, iBC colleagues continue to enhance people’s lives, offer the best possible opportunities and #doamazingeveryday.

What truly sets iBC Healthcare apart is our collective commitment to our shared values. Every colleague within iBC, from SLT members and local managers to support staff and administrators, work collaboratively towards realising our mission and upholding our core principles.

Over the last year we have made significant commitments to colleagues such as paying the “Real Living Wage”, the roll out of iBC + and focusing our efforts in ensuring inclusive, happy workspaces.

“Reaching 1,000 employees is a significant milestone, one I’m proud to have contributed to. When I started as an HR Business Partner, our headcount was 300. Now, just two years later, we stand at 1,000 strong, and I’ve had the privilege of advancing to Director of People & Culture during this period of successful growth. This achievement also speaks volumes about the hard work and dedication of my team and my colleagues unwavering support and collaboration. I’m thrilled about the future and the continued growth we will achieve together.”

Meet The Manager – Matt Bray

I first started my journey with iBC as Senior Support Worker for residential service Lester Hall Apartments. I was supporting individuals with complex Mental Health needs, and this is where I progressed to Team Leader. Last year, I was made aware of an internal advert for a Peripatetic Team Leader Role, for supported living services in Leicester. I successfully transferred over to support both existing packages and the mobilisation of new packages. I am now the Support Manager for Leicester Supported Living. iBC invest into teams and colleagues, supporting internal promotions and career development, which is great!

For me, the best bits are the involvement. I have the opportunity to be out and about, getting to know the people we support. Meeting individual’s MDT’s, and families, learning about individual’s needs and ensuring that the right support is in place, to meet these high acuity needs and manage presented challenges and risks. Getting to know the people we support – their goals, interests and wishes is so important. To ensure positive outcomes are achieved, no matter how small those outcomes might be. I love playing a role in somebodies journey to better opportunities in the community.

Offering specialist support is never one size fits all. It’s often a challenge to match the right people, with the right services, and the right support. However, we are dedicated to person-centred care, and will continuously find new and innovative ways to offer bespoke support solutions. Overcoming challenges like this every day, is really rewarding.

My advice would be to think about why you want to join the care industry. It’s not all going for lunch and coffee shops. Working in this industry is about committing yourself to the needs of others. Spending time by building meaningful, trusting relationships with the people we support, who sometimes might not want you in their lives. Supporting people with complex needs who often present with challenging behaviour towards their support staff certainly isn’t easy. You could be at the receiving end of these behaviours – but then one day, that same person will smile at you, or take your hand at random. When that happens, you’ll know you’ve made a difference. When you can dedicate yourself, your understanding and patience to the people you support every single day. Even on the hard days too – that’s when you’ll know, you do it for the right reasons.

Jenny Payne now Chief Operating Officer of iBC Healthcare!

iBC are thrilled to announce the appointment of Jenny Payne as COO Chief Operating Officer for iBC Healthcare. 🧡

Jenny joined iBC 2 years ago with a wealth of Commercial and Operational experience in the specialist care sector. Jenny has been at the forefront of iBC’s incredible journey so far and continues to drive the highest standard of bespoke services for the people we support, and a happy working environment for iBC colleagues. We are delighted to share this news!

“As we embark on this new chapter together, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. I have no doubt that with our collective expertise, creativity, and determination, we will continue to achieve great things and make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people we support.”

Jenny Payne


New Development Journey 2023

As we draw 2023 to a close, we are proud to take a look back at the last 12 months and the impact our journey has had on others 🧡

We truly believe that designing the right environment is half the battle in offering the best possible opportunities in the community, to people with complex care and support needs. These properties, combined with the incredible work from our Operational Teams – enables us to offer the support that people need and deserve, in homes for life. No matter how complex their needs may be 🏡

H: Three Months Later

iBC Healthcare is always thrilled to share such incredible outcomes of the people we support. We are committed to understanding the care and support needs of the people who are referred to iBC services before we begin to support them, which is often remarkable in comparison a few months later …

H is a sociable young lady with lots of energy. Her needs are consistent with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, combined with severe generalised Learning Difficulties and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. H has complex difficulties relating to Autism that impact her learning, communication, personal, social and emotional development. H’s diagnosis also affects her physical needs, sensory needs and level of independence. At the time of referral, H was residing in a children’s residential care home. However, as H was fast approaching her 18th birthday it was identified that H would benefit from specialist support in her own home, so a referral to iBC Healthcare was made in Spring 2023.

At the time of iBC’s assessment process, H presented with extremely challenging behaviour including severe property damage, and self-injurious behaviour; such as biting, hitting and dropping to the floor. H would shred her clothes, bedding and other fabrics. H’s change in behaviour was sudden, unpredictable and triggered by minor changes to her routine, environment and the time of year. H found comfort in accessing the outdoors to regulate her emotions at times her anxieties were heightened or distressed. This was all to be factored in finding and adapting H’s forever home, in her local community, close by to her family and circle of support.

After a successful assessment, iBC set out to find the perfect property. Taking into crucial consideration H’s need for outdoor space, robust specification, toughened features and the right balance of privacy but by no means isolation. iBC worked in partnership with H’s MDT, and family for several weeks. Until an ideal solo bungalow was found and adapted specifically in line with H’s particular needs, to include underfloor heating, new walls, an additional wet room and specialist vinyl flooring. This work allowed iBC to design the right environment to offer as H’s long-term home to mark her transition into adulthood and the beginning of her journey to greater independence.

H’s new home.

Following a carefully planned transition, knowing this would be extremely difficult for H. H moved into her new home in August 2023 and has settled incredibly well considering her complex needs and anxieties surrounding the transition. We are thrilled to share that H’s behaviours of concern have reduced a great amount and she is becoming much more independent. Accessing the community daily to enjoy new opportunities such as parties, walking, shopping and heading out for ice cream with her support team and family.

H’s parents share that they believe this anxiety reduction is thanks to H having her own space, surrounded by things she enjoys. Alongside the freedom to access the community and her garden when she wants to, without limitation. We continue to support H in maintaining the positive relationships she has in her life, encouraging her to spend valuable time with her family regularly. H has also reached one of her set goals of accessing further education and tutoring!

iBC is incredibly pleased that H has achieved such positive outcomes in as little as three months. We truly believe that this is thanks to H being supported in an environment that is right for her, by highly skilled people who are committed in offering person-centred support.

iBC Long-term Service Awards

iBC recently held a Long-term Service Lunch and Award celebration hosted by Managing Director Brendan Kelly and Director of People and Culture Harika Thogarcheti, to honor all colleagues who have served and supported our services and the people we support for ten years and above. We also thanked Nizam Bata ACCA for his exceptional leadership over the decade.

Thank you to:

Michelle Rushin – 29 Years
Tina Marchington – 22 Years
Grace Musarurwa – 21 Years
Wendy Leslie – 19 Years
Rebecca Bond – 18 Years
Karen Dowling – 17 Years
Paul Millington – 16 Years
Kathleen Turner – 15 Years
Donna Adams – 15 Years
Diana Wallace – 15 Years
Elaine Hackett – 14 Years
Ana Eaton – 14 Years
David Percival – 13 Years 
Kirsty Edden – 13 Years 
Rupa Dattani – 11 Years
Balbinder Nagara – 10 Years
Farida Bata – 10 Years
Sarah Way – 10 Years

“We had a total of 240 years of loyalty to iBC Healthcare around the table – which certainly put my 1 year anniversary into perspective! This group have positively impacted the lives of countless people we support, not to mention the mentorship, training and support they’ve given to the hundreds of new colleagues who have joined us during their careers.

A really powerful reminder of the importance of creating a culture that enables people to feel safe, valued and recognised for their hard work and dedication.”

Brendan Kelly, iBC Managing Director


Baby Loss Awareness & Women’s Wellbeing

This week, we are standing in unity with countless families and communities to recognise #BabyLossAwarenessWeek. It’s a time to come together, remember, reflect, and support those touched by the heart-breaking experience of losing a child.

Baby Loss Awareness Week is from the 9th – 15th of October and iBC will wear pink and blue throughout the week to show solidarity. We’re also setting up a “Stars of Remembrance ” wall at our services as a tribute, creating a space for us to remember the babies lost and allowing colleagues to show their support. On 15 October at 7.00pm, we will light a candle for the global wave of light event in support and remembrance.

In conjunction with Baby Loss Awareness Week, iBC have also announced a new employee benefits package supporting our colleagues’ overall health and well-being with a particular focus on women’s well-being. The iBC + benefits package is part of our ongoing efforts to nurture a compassionate and empathetic workspace.

We invite everyone to join the conversation and be a part of these meaningful causes this week. Let’s shine a light on the importance of understanding, support, and unity.

In line of our aims to raise awareness, we have heard from various iBC colleagues, who have shared their journeys with courage and grace, hoping to offer solace to others who have walked the same path.

Kerry’s Story – #BabyLossAwarenessWeek

It’s often the silent stories that hold the deepest emotions. Our colleague has courageously shared an experience that many hesitate to speak about: baby loss. She has shared her journey with courage and grace, hoping to offer solace to others who have walked the same path.

“18th March 2018, the day we woke up and knew something was wrong, our world instantly shattered. Those words “there’s no heartbeat” is something no parent wants to hear.

Then having to tell our two children we wouldn’t be coming home with a baby was heartbreaking. 

I felt isolated like we were the only ones going through it.

And then the financial worry, I didn’t qualify for maternity leave with my former employer, and how was I going to navigate time off on SSP? I only had 5 weeks off work.

From my experience, I want to support any women/parents going through loss and let them know, that their feelings are valid and to take each day as it comes. You won’t forget them, but time is a healer!”

Kerry Mannix – Your voice and dedication helped shape our women’s wellbeing initiative on pregnancy loss. Your involvement has made a real difference!

We’ve proudly signed the #miscarriageassociation pregnancy loss pledge, reinforcing our commitment to support during life’s tough moments.

Zainab’s Story  #DomesticAbuseAwareness

“No, I’m not a victim.

That’s what I said to myself when I came to understand the definition of what I experienced in my marriage was domestic abuse. But he didn’t hit me – words from almost every victim of non-physical domestic abuse.

This was undoubtedly one of my life’s most challenging chapters and was even more complicated when I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. I don’t wear victimhood, that implies something was taken from me. I traded my trauma for wisdom.

The journey of healing isn’t linear; it wasn’t just about mending what’s broken; it was about rediscovering and redefining. This path demanded a new version of me, it was filled with moments of clarity and bouts of uncertainty, discovering deep self-awareness, courage and resilience, refining coping skills and finding meaning in pain.

I kept going no matter the pace with therapy and self-care, in discovering the new word of the range ‘no’, boundaries became invitations not limitations, and glimmers became hope. Because before self-love becomes a liberation it is first a burden. The anger that you were treated poorly and didn’t know to ask for better treatment, the grief for lost time, the isolation and loneliness rebuilding piece by piece the version of me as I stand today beyond surviving; unapologetically thriving.

Providing psychological safety, spotting the signs, and being understanding, supportive and flexible during these turbulent times can provide survivors stability and safety.”

Zainab Sarwar – Your voice and dedication helped shape our women’s wellbeing initiative on providing safety and protection from abuse. We appreciate your meaningful contribution!

We are committed to providing support for employees impacted by domestic abuse by spreading awareness of ways to spot the signs, sharing essential resources, signposting for professional help and providing a flexible, safe, supportive environment.

Sharni’s Story – #NationalFertilityAwareness

“In 2016, I was diagnosed with damaged fallopian tubes. Despite surgery, I was told I couldn’t conceive naturally. This broke me into a million pieces. I faced intense despair, but my husband’s support became my beacon of hope.

Following the diagnosis, I picked myself up, and we opted for IVF. However, just before egg collection at a Nottingham clinic, I was diagnosed with Hydrosalpinx and had to undergo surgery to remove both tubes.

In 2017, our NHS IVF round resulted in a chemical pregnancy. After switching clinics and funding the treatments ourselves, our 3rd attempt in 2018 was unsuccessful. Yet, by late 2018, our 4th attempt, fortune smiled upon us. We welcomed our son in April 2019. now 4 years old and started school this year, we are extremely proud. I am beyond blessed.

We always wanted a sibling for Ruben as he is such a social and kind boy. After an embryo transfer in November 2022, we experienced a heartbreaking loss at 6 ½ weeks, it wasn’t the Christmas we imagined. My husband was amazing and cannot thank him enough for been my absolute rock slash punching bag. We took a little break, but we didn’t want to give up, losing our baby just made us more determined for it to work for us again.

In March 2023, we tried another embryo transfer. Now, I’m 30 weeks pregnant with a girl, but it’s been a rollercoaster — from severe morning sickness to health complications. At 26 weeks, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, altering my birth plan. By 29 weeks, I was diagnosed with Prenatal depression.

My husband has been there every step of the way and after everything we are stronger than ever and I couldn’t imagine a better Daddy to our two beautiful babies and our angel baby. Not long till our Rainbow baby is in our arms.”

Sharni Penny – Your voice and dedication helped shape our women’s wellbeing initiative on the fertility journey. Thank you for making an impact!

iBC+ includes support for employees with flexible paid time off during the journey of fertility treatments which helps to prioritise well-being in the path to parenthood

Vanice’s Story – #MenopauseInTheWorkplacePledge

“Being a woman is amazing. I love being me. I am a happy go lucky person, I love life. 

However, over the last 6 months my life has changed dramatically having to deal with this newfound enemy that has attached itself to my body in the form of Menopause. 

I have often heard people talk about menopause and sometimes I have been in the midst of people who are going through it. I used to smile at them as they were fanning themselves in an ice-cold room. Over the last 6 months that smile has been wiped away from my face as I now face the same struggle. 

Going through the menopause is not easy. You have mood swings, you have pains, there even some days when you do not want to get up. There are also hot and cold flushes that constantly ravish your body. So, I am happy and grateful that iBC has now implemented this wellbeing for women who are going through all different issues in their body”

Vanice Ricketts – Your genuine care and dedication helped to shape our women’s well-being initiative on menopause. Your involvement has made a real difference!

We’ve proudly signed the menopause workplace pledge with #wellbeingofwomen, because we recognise menopause is an issue in the workplace and women need support

Shan’s Story – #MenstruationInTheWorkplace

Juggling your duties at work while managing period challenges is a quiet reality for many. Below is a spotlight of an employee’s experience of having open, safe conversations and the challenges of periods amidst work tasks.

“As an employee of IBC, I feel so privileged and appreciated to be a part of a company that cares about my wellbeing. Being a woman and dealing with menstruation, I have faced many challenges. Dealing with everyday tasks and duties, while competing with severe pain, hormones, and mood swings is exhausting. When I feel like curling up into a ball and forgetting everything that’s going on around me, I carry on but am expected not to complain. 

In previous times, I felt I could not open up about my emotions and pain. In IBC, I receive a wide range of emotional and wellbeing support from my colleagues I feel supported whenever I need it.”

Shan Reid – Your voice and dedication helped shape our women’s wellbeing initiative on free period products. Your influence has been truly valuable!

We’re offering free period products in the workplace! We believe in empowering women to prioritise their well-being. By providing these essentials, we aim to create an environment where every woman feels valued and supported.
These stories shared by our colleagues, reflecting their personal battles, have touched us deeply. Recognising the profound effects of life’s struggles we’re not just listening – we’re acting. Our commitment to foster change has been exemplified in the launch of the iBC+ benefits package. These have been crafted to offer support during such challenging times, and the positive embrace from our colleagues has been both heartfelt and deeply resonating with our values of empathy and support.

Meet The Manager – Adele Rickett

Adele Rickett joined iBC Healthcare in January 2023 and is the Registered Manager for North Midlands Supported Living. In a short space of time Adele has managed to transform the lives of many people she comes in to contact with. By her creative ways in supporting some of the most vulnerable people within the community.

Today we had the opportunity to meet Adele to discuss her journey, and the reasons why she does what she does.

Tell us a little bit about your journey so far since joining IBC and what made you join?

I joined iBC Healthcare in January 2023 and since, has been the best time of my career! I’ve loved every second of my job, the support I receive from my surrounding colleagues is outstanding. Upon joining iBC Healthcare as a recommendation. I saw the values and mission of the company matched my own values in care, and support for people with complex learning disabilities and care needs. Since my journey, I have gone through brilliant and consistent training. I have been supported to achieve the best outcome for people we support. I have achieved outstanding goals in supported living North which have been ‘non-achievable’ for other care providers. My journey will only keep going stronger. With my team around me, we can continue to achieve incredible outcomes and goals, promoting more independence and better lives. We do amazing everyday!

What are the best bits about your role?

There is so much I love about my role it’s incredibly rewarding. Being able to support people to live better lives. Helping them to achieve goals that nobody expected, and enabling people to live happy, fulfilling lives in their own homes in the community. This will always be the best parts of my role. I work with an amazing team of support workers. All with our values aligned as we build strong relationships with the people we support. It’s also a privilege as a Manager to be a person of trust to all.

What are the challenges?

As we know, the demand for specialist homes in the community is very high in light of so many people awaiting discharge from hospitals or secure settings, but unfortunately, suitable solutions are lacking. Offering specialist accommodation and support for complex needs isn’t easy, requiring a great amount of knowledge, experience and planning. We are extremely committed in offering the opportunities that people deserve, and we truly believe that everyone has the right to live in their on home with the right support. Seeing the outcomes we enable makes the challenges worth it every time.

What would you say to someone if they were thinking about joining the care industry?

Absolutely do it! It is the most rewarding and heartwarming job you can do. You feel fulfilled when you are able to change lives for people in a positive way and achieve so many goals. I used to be a hairdresser before my career in care, and I have been in care now for 10 years, starting as a support worker. So I have been in many different roles, and nothing makes me feel happier than to have had the experience of growing from a support worker to a registered manager. In the care industry, no matter what role you are in, can achieve many positive outcomes for people we support.

Thank you Adele!

Adele has had an inspirational impact to the North Supported Living Service. Adele is a wonderful manager with great leadership qualities and inspires her teams every day. Adele is focused on delivering high quality care within her team and ensuring learning outcomes and goals are achieved for the individuals we support. 

Stephanie Turner – iBC Healthcare Area Manager North

Adele and her team are a true reflection of iBC’s aims and values, by helping people to achieve the “unachievable” in the community. Their efforts and incredible outcomes never go unnoticed, which is evident in light of their recent finalists nomination for the Great British Care Award – Supported Living Team Award. Thank you!

Welcome J!

J is a vibrant young man with a diagnosis of a Learning Disability. J cannot communicate verbally and had formerly presented with severe bouts of challenging behaviour towards himself and those around him. At the time of referral, J had surpassed notice, issued by his former placement considering his complex needs and were no longer able to support him in the shared residential environment.

At the time of referral, J presented as very distressed and was at significant risk of self-harm and aggression towards others. J would often shred and pick his clothes to regulate his emotions and his anxiety became heightened when the residents around him would make noise. This is why iBC were identified as a suitable provider with our ability to offer a single occupancy home for life with specialist support, in the city J is originally from.

Upon referral, iBC’s Referrals Manager Ebony Staite facilitated several viewings to Anita Jane Lodge in Leicester, to ensure J’s close family, circle of support and MDT could be involved in the selection and personalisation of an apartment that would be offered to J as his forever home, with his own support team and tenancy.

The Community of Leicester
J’s Garden

“Having worked with J before, I was incredibly keen for iBC to support him. I knew we could offer him a highly bespoke support package tailored to his particular needs. Those initial conversations with J’s family were vital in getting to know how J’s presentation had changed over the past 12 months and how they hoped J’s life would look in near future.” Ebony said.

It is imperative that J is supported by people who know him very well, by a team that can understand his methods of communication, anticipate his wants and needs and are highly confident in supporting behaviours that challenge. J’s family advised that in the past, different medications have been tried to manage J’s behaviour, but some had caused him to present in a highly sedated state or even worsened J’ anxieties, on some occasions causing an increase in self-injurious behaviour. iBC strongly believe in least restrictive practice to include chemical restraint, which is why we understood that J required a skilled, consistent, and structured staff team, who can interact with him positively in line with a person centred PBS plan. In light of this, iBC conducted a thorough assessment, a robust four week transition plan and in April this year, J moved into his own ground floor apartment in Anita Jane Lodge Leicester, close by to his family.

When J first joined iBC, he presented with significant challenging behaviour towards his support staff to include physical aggression such as targeting and biting, with daily recorded incidents. J would not engage with his support team, would not partake in activity nor go outside. With a highly person centred approach to his care, PBS intervention and commitment to building a positive rapport, we are thrilled to share that J is now very settled and enjoying the freedom of living in a single occupancy environment with very minimal incidents recorded over the last three consecutive months.

J is now regularly accessing his garden and local community and where he couldn’t before due to risk, is now accessing his own kitchen to prepare food and bake with the support of his staff. J’s behaviour of shredding his clothes has improved substantially.

“Looking at these photos, it’s incredible to see J smiling, wearing a complete outfit of clothing without holes or tears. We continue to hear great things about the relationships he is building with his support team. I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for J at Anita Jane Lodge” – says Ebony.

Where J’s support team identify any need for self-regulation, he is provided with colorful card and paper to tear and shred, which has created a positive and fun activity for him to do with his support peers.

J’s personality is now shining through. Cheeky in nature, J likes to pinch the cookie dough mix when baking, enjoys the summer sunshine whilst foraging in his garden and is enjoying a life of improved opportunity in the community of Leicester with the right level of specialist support.

Thank you to our supported living team of Leicester, in particular Registered Manager Liz Snow and Senior Team Leader Matt Bray, you really do … #doamazingeveryday
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Welcome D!

iBC Healthcare and Lester Hall Apartments in particular, are thrilled to welcome D into the service this week. After nearly a year of incredible efforts from all involved, not to mention the remarkable patience of D in anticipation of hospital discharge, we are proud to say that D is finally coming home to Leicester, joining Lester Hall Apartments and on behalf of D, we are honoured to share his story.

D has experienced frequent readmissions to hospital since 2008, including time spent within PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit), forensic assessment, acute and rehabilitation services in accordance with his complex presentation and level of risk at these times.  Before joining iBC Healthcare, D had been detained as an inpatient in various secure settings in London for over five years consecutively. D has a longstanding diagnosis of EUPD and throughout his life has sadly engaged in severe acts of self-injurious behaviour.

D is originally from Leicester and despite his troubled upbringing into the early years of his adulthood, he expressed his wishes to return “home”. D was referred to iBC Healthcare in the Summer of 2022, at such time very early conversations were being held about the hospital’s ability to discharge him. Despite several setbacks, fluctuating presentation and complications over the course of six months, iBC were committed in helping D reintegrate back into his community and in January 2023 our robust assessment process began to include regular discussions with D’s MDT, several in person visits to see D in London and an internal high risk panel to ensure iBC were well equipped to support D’s complex mental health needs and the severity of his behaviour. Once iBC and the Lester Hall Apartments operational team were more than confident in our ability to help D reach and exceed his potential, a bespoke transitional plan was implemented to ensure D built a great rapport with his new support peers.

Despite residing in London for over five years, D had never enjoyed any sight-seeing. So, as part of iBC’s transition plan we headed over to the London Zoo, London Airport, the local nature reserve and a cat café! Throughout transition, D has made the trip to Leicester himself, to visit his new peers of Lester Hall Apartments, taking a particular liking to the homes Cat, Felix! This week Lester Hall Apartments to include residents, support colleagues and management are throwing D a BBQ, after learning he hadn’t had one in seven years! The perfect opportunity to show D what Lester Hall Apartments are all about.

D at London Zoo
Lester Hall Apartment’s Cat, Felix
D at the London Cat Café

Registered Manager Charlie Potter, was nothing short of remarkable throughout this transition; dedicating many hours, train journeys and resource into ensuring a strong and trusting relationship was deeply rooted before D joined us. We are thrilled at the feedback from D, which is innately clear reading this beautiful poem he has written:

A poem written by D

Supporting people to live in their own communities, with regular contact with their circles of support is incredibly important to iBC. Our support is designed in line with people’s particular needs, wishes and goals; empowering them to live a life they want to, where they want to.

D finally back in Leicester after over 5 years in hospital in London
We are looking forward to seeing D flourish in the community with the support of Lester Hall Apartments and iBC. A very special thank you to Charlie and her team for your commitment to changing D’s life for the better. Welcome D! #wedoamazingeveryday

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Transforming Care Managers Event

Last week, iBC Healthcare held the first ever managers meeting centred around Transforming Care. With a need now more than ever before for suitable accommodation with specialist care and support, providing individuals with complex needs their home for life.

It is widely recognised that for most autistic people or people with a learning disability, care in an inpatient unit is rarely helpful – in fact, it can be deeply damaging. Wards can be noisy, bright and unpredictable. Without reasonable adjustments to the environment, and support from a professional who understands autism and how to adapt care, it can be overwhelming, particularly if you have profound sensitivity to sound, touch and light. It can increase someone’s level of distress, which can lead to further restrictions and make it even harder to move to support in the community. The average length of stay is around five and a half years. And we continue to hear alarming cases of overmedication, seclusion and unnecessary restraint.  

iBC colleagues discussed their pledge and commitment towards the contribution in supporting our five pillars of working in line with the programme and our journey towards this so far.

People we support are offered high quality care and accommodation within their local community wherever possible. Out of county placements are unfortunately very common due to lack of suitable accommodation needs, meaning that families and circles of support often have to travel for hours to see their loved ones. This also prevents Individuals to maintain vital clinical wraparound support from local teams who know them well, contributing significantly to the deterioration of a person’s presentation and lead to placement breakdown, which as we know often then leads to hospital re-admission.

Everything we do is designed to help the individuals we support to succeed and thrive, so they can enjoy everyday life and the freedom and rewards of living in a community environment.

This was a great day and the opportunity proved vital in sharing good practices, knowledge base and creative thinking around how we do and will continue to #achievetheunachieveable.

Managing Director Brendan Kelly said: “It was a genuine privilege to attend our Manager’s Meeting last week; a room full of dedicated, passionate and talented people, all focused on the same goals – to create a great place to work and provide the very best standard of care and support across our Day, Residential and Supported Living Services. I ask my colleagues to #doamazingeveryday – and they do, with enthusiasm, passion and relentless hard work”

iBC Specialist Supported Living

iBC support many individuals with complex needs, with a high level of specialism in Autism, ASD, PMLD, Sensory Needs, Mental Health, and behaviours that challenge.

We believe that everyone has the right to access tailored support and personalised environments within the community, no matter how complex their care needs may be, in line with the Transforming Care Program and “Building The Right Support”. iBC are passionate about breaking barriers when it comes to ensuring the choices of the people we support are at the very centre of everything we do. With creative thinking and pushing boundaries, we empower the people we support to live the life they want, to achieve the “unachievable”.

iBC are widely recognised for enabling positive outcomes to people with significantly complex needs and challenging behaviour, with a proven track record of zero failed placements across supported living services. iBC source and adapt properties in line with people’s specific needs to include specialist anti ligature environments, underfloor heating, toughened furniture, sensory spaces, robust fixtures and more. iBC acknowledge that lack of specialist accommodation contributes to hospital and secure setting discharge delays, which is why we work with commissioners to design these spaces for the people we support, reflecting our belief in #homesnothospitals.

Please email to make an enquiry, we are assessing individuals and allocating to their forever homes now.


This year is all about busting myths about living life with a learning disability.
In support of Mencap and Learning Disability Week 2023, we stand to highlight the incredible things that people with learning disabilities can achieve, breaking barriers associated to the misconception and stigma many people still face every day.

During the last 100 years, there have been substantial changes in the ways people with a Learning Disability are seen and treated. By living with a Learning Disability in the 1950s for example, you will have been “treated” with electric shock therapy, locked away from family and friends, segregated from your community, received behavioural “correction” and subjected to derogatory language we wouldn’t dream of using today. Although times have significantly changed, sadly people are still locked away from their community with limited communication with their circles of support. People are still denied the opportunity to explore their skills, wishes and goals; because these outcomes are often unfairly labelled as unrealistic and due to lack of suitable accommodation and support to safely work towards these achievements.

iBC’s mission is to provide specialist accommodation in local communities, to enable access to crucial wraparound support services and remain close to their circles of support. iBC are passionate about people having the best opportunities regardless of their disabilities. We support people to not only reach their potential, but exceed it – achieving the “unachievable”.


Mencap is a British charity organization that gives advice and practical help to people who have learning difficulties, and their families and carers. Mencap also supports changes in the law that will help these people, and works with the Government and other disability organisations to make sure disabled people’s experiences are reflected in UK policy making. Welcome to our website! | Mencap

Person Centred Care – This is JP

JP is a young man who is profoundly deaf with a learning disability.

Following a breakdown of care in a residential placement. J had to move in with his sister where she cared for J for over a year. J’s needs are considered complex, requiring 2:1 specialist support and so they began to search for J’s own property. Unfortunately this process proved difficult and even after finally finding and accepting a property. Plans fell through and J and his family were left disappointed when told they needed to start their search again.

Having built good relationships with local commissioners and already offering a hub of supported living properties within the desired area. A referral was made to iBC Healthcare to explore and provide a bespoke home for life, and specialist support in Nottinghamshire. IBC conducted a robust assessment process between Christmas and New Year 2022. As of early 2023, IBC were keen to offer a package of care, and a home J can call his own.

The perfect home
J’s own home
The generous size garden provides enough outdoor space to relax and participate in hobbies

When the right property was found, IBC’s Operational Team in Nottingham worked together to produce a comprehensive transition plan and begin value based recruitment in line with J’s communicational needs to include British Sign Language and Makaton.

J celebrated his 30th birthday during the transitional care period. As a surprise, Registered Manager for Supported Living Nottinghamshire, Adele Rickett arranged with his family for J to see his completed home for the first time!

“He was so happy and he loved his new home! He took lots of pictures and told us exactly how he wants it. He was very happy and smiley the whole time, we decorated the house with banners and balloons to make the experience enjoyable and he was over the moon to say the least!”

Adele Rickett, Registered Manager

“What a lovely thing to do. Thank you so much to Adele and her team for making this effort for J. In tough weeks when things are super busy, this stuff never ceases to make me smile!”

Brendan Kelly, Managing Director

J officially moved into his new home on the 18th of April and is settling brilliantly. This week, J participated in a bespoke British Sign Language session delivered by HearFirst Training. This training was arranged for J and his support team to ensure all communication needs are met. So that peers could build a great rapport with J, and to support great practice of BSL in our aims to enhance J’s quality of life in his forever home.

“It sure was amazing! We did a feedback form with J using widget communication afterwards and he expressed how much he loved it. J’s support team have expressed how much he and they benefited from the session. It’s fantastic to witness these goals being achieved within the first week of moving in!”

Adele Rickett

“The training was interesting in that the service user attended too. It was a valuable session, and J was fully engaged for the whole 3 hours. Staff could see first-hand how well he responded to effective communication. This is a fabulous example of a positive and person-centred approach”

Jule Ryder, HearFirst Training Partner
Another incredible example of IBC colleague’s dedication to changing people’s lives. Well done to the whole team and of course… Welcome JP!
To make a referral, please email

NA’s Journey

NA was originally referred to IBC Healthcare in August 2022. Seeking his own home in the community with 24 hour support, as a step down from a secure setting.

NA has Autism, limited verbal communication and a number of sensory integrative difficulties. Along with presenting with PICA traits and behaviour of concern. At the time of referral, it was reported that N had not worn clothes, shoes or even been outside for 7 years. He frequently displayed behaviour that challenged to include physical aggression, smearing and absconding. N experienced multiple placement breakdowns as a result of these complexities. One of these placements lasting as little as 24 hours. With a clear focus on finding a suitable home for life. His MDT made a referral to iBC as a specialist provider, offering bespoke accommodation, care and support.

NA’s home in Nottingham
Introducing edible playdoh to support NA’s sensory needs

iBC conducted a thorough assessment process to include a preassessment with those that know N well. Along with multiple visits to N in his previous placement and an internal high risk panel. To ensure we fully understood N’s complex needs and how our operational colleagues planned to meet them.

During our assessment process, iBC compiled a comprehensive understanding of N’s environmental requirements with input from the people who know him well. In line with his notable sensory needs and associated risk behaviour. N required a single occupancy property that was extremely private but not isolated. He required a robust property that would withstand damage caused by biting and tearing, along with anti-shred furnishings, high spec furniture and a need for a minimalist environment to help him regulate sensory sensitivities and autistic arousal.

iBC worked with his MDT and circle of support, to source and secure a suitable and bespoke bungalow in Nottingham. iBC adapted this property, with key input from N’s Occupational Therapist and other clinical support services. Property adaptations included, underfloor heating, toughened fixtures, anti-ligature fittings, padded walls and sensory spaces. It was also very important for N to have access to a secure garden. To support our aims of reintegrating him back into the community using garden access as a stepping stone to this goal.

NA finally moved into his home for life in January. Supported by a specialist team who now know him very well, following a successful transition period. This transitional period was incredibly important, as we were able create a sensory profile. Enabling us to identify what makes N unique and empower him to find strengths in his weaknesses. Those who support N, have provided meaningful techniques in line with these needs to ensure he feels safe and supported.

“I just want to share with you what I feel is an amazing and heart-warming achievement. NA was supported by his team and family in the garden yesterday, totalling 2 hours 30 minutes. He wore his clothes and when he took them off, staff offered them back to him and he very willingly put them back on, he didn’t rip his clothes once! N continued to play hide and seek with a member of his support team followed by a drink and a snack outside and sensory activities. He engaged really well.”

Adele Rickett, Registered Manager

iBC are thrilled by the progress made so far by NA. This is only the very start of his journey to maximum independence and an enhanced quality of life. We are very much are looking forward to N exploring his potential is his new home for life.

#transformingcare #homesnothospitals #wedoamazingeveryday

iBC Inhouse Training

Dan Wade smashing it again, delivering brilliant in house training to our newest cohort, who have recently joined the iBC family!

All of our staff teams are trained in CPI Safety Intervention, Autism, bespoke person-centred training, active support, and where needed any further training which are all focused in reducing negative stress, teaching coping strategies, developing primary and secondary prevention strategies, and promoting independence and positive quality of life.

In 2022, iBC Healthcare successfully created 332 job opportunities across the Midlands! Each receiving an inhouse induction, to support in the delivery of our mission …

To provide person centered, specialist care and accommodation, enabling people with complex care needs to live a full and meaningful life in the community.

DE’s Story

DE has complex care needs, which include Autism and behaviours that challenge. D resided in a nursing home for 20 years until such point the placement broke down.

At the time of D’s referral, iBC Healthcare had nothing within the area that would suit his needs. However, upon reading D’s assessment we were keen to help and collaborated on a plan to extend our specialist supported living services into Mansfield to offer D a home for life.

His local intensive support team became involved and D was detained within an inpatient psychiatric unit for nearly 3 years with physical restraints required to manage risk behaviour. In line with D’s complex care needs, risk behaviour and decline in mental health while in hospital, it was identified that he would benefit from a single occupancy placement with a bespoke package of care. Having a close working relationship with D’s multi-disciplinary team, a referral was made to iBC Healthcare.

During our robust assessment process, we identified that D required a solo environment with a private garden. We identified that D needed a ground floor service to mitigate risk behaviour associated with stairs and a spacious wet room for self-regulation. D required a resilient environment to include toughened furniture, reinforced windows, doors and specialist wall padding to prevent physical harm associated with his self-injurious behaviours. Soundproofing was also required due to the volume of noise. With this comprehensive spec in mind, iBC began the search for the right property, to be designed and adapted in-house to meet D’s complex needs and in line with Good Autism Guidance.

iBC’s Area Manager, Stephanie Turner expressed interest in a particular bungalow that boasted a generous garden supporting D’s love of football yet compact in property size to support D’s wishes of feeling secure and safe in his environment. The property was conveniently located to D’s family and circle of support. This was incredibly important having been a distance away from them for so many years. Having ticked so many boxes, Head of Commissioning Jenny Payne attended an auction to bid for the property which was successfully secured and ready to begin adaptations with the support of D’s OT and family in preparation for the move.

iBC planned a robust 8-week transition. Utilising staff from our established residential service, Dovecote (which has been rated as outstanding in one domain by the CQC) and newly recruited experienced staff from the local area, all of which we carefully selected as compatible with D’s likes, interests and needs. This transition consisted of various visits to D in hospital to build a rapport with his new care team, and understand his established routine.

D moved into his home for life on the 4th of January and has since made significant progress in such a short period. On just the first day in his new home, D was evidently impressed with his new surroundings as he took pride in sweeping the floor and unpacking his belongings by choice. Since joining us, D has engaged in various activities such as music therapy, shopping in the local community and going out for meals.

“D has settled into his home well and appears very happy; he is talking about family, laughing and smiling” 

What some of us may take for granted, wearing a pair of trainers for the first time in 3 years was an incredible step forward for D. 

“We are extremely proud to say that D has not been restrained once since joining us. As advocates of the Restraint Reduction Network, this is a huge achievement” 

Future Goals

We have found that active support, intensive interaction and positive behavioural support are the care models that support D the best. By continuing this work we are confident that D will achieve his goal of being the proud owner of a Manchester United season ticket and will attend these games with the support of his person-centred staff team. 

This is SA

SA has difficulty transitioning into new services and adapting to change, she needs ample time to build positive relationships. Following multiple failed placements in her life, SA may test boundaries to check she is safe and ensure she can trust those who support her.

Having been referred to iBC Healthcare for emergency accommodation and specialist support following a breakdown in her previous placement and a prolonged hospital admission. iBC Healthcare conducted a thorough assessment process and in October this year, SA moved into a three bedroom solo property within the iBC portfolio, which we are now proud to call SA’s home.

“In just three weeks, our incredible team facilitated property adaptations, person-centred care plans and implemented a dedicated 3:1 staff team who have each received advanced, package-specific in-house training. This short, yet robust transition was led by PBS Lead James Punch and Team Leader for Leicester Supported Living, Matthew Bray who have both been rewarded by the business for their remarkable work! This work reinforces our belief that no matter how complex or challenging a person’s care needs may be, everybody deserves access to the right level of care within their own home and community.”

Ebony, Referrals and Partnership Manager

Our robust staff understand the complexities of SA’s challenging behaviour and her methods of communicating her feelings, anxieties and gaining sensory input. The iBC Team have worked hard to write and implement a person-centred care plan, ensuring SA’s staff team members are committed to getting to know her and building a great rapport.

SA is a vibrant young woman who is an avid fan of Disney, Music, Art and loves to engage in all things self-care such as pampering and makeup to name a few. iBC encourages SA to express her hopes and goals, these include enrolling in further education, getting a job, having her own family, visiting Disney Land and enjoying the occasional night on the town! iBC have carefully selected SA’s staff team to support her in accessing the community how she wishes and help her work towards her long-term goals.

“It’s been a privilege to be given this opportunity. Being part of SA’s transition and seeing the difference she is making day to day is incredible.  The team have been amazing and I’m excited to see what the future holds for her!”

Matthew Bray Team Leader for Leicester Supported Living

Welcome LF!

iBC Healthcare is a specialist provider. Supporting individuals in line with the Transforming Care Program and are flexible in designing and embedding bespoke support…

L has a diagnosis of LD and Autism. Unfortunately, L has spent most of his life in hospital or secure settings. As his communication is often misunderstood and transpires into challenging behaviour. L was referred to our services in January 2022. the Registered Manager of West Midlands had a good understanding of L’s needs and complexities having worked with him before in previous placements. At IBC, we believe that people like L, with a learning disability and/or autism should be living within a community setting – not hospital placements.

Therefore, the hunt began for a suitable property for L to flourish and develop. Lots of properties were viewed across Birmingham and surrounding authorities to ensure the property specification was considered. The search was not easy, and we spent many weeks viewing properties which did not seem suitable.

Until… We identified this property in Birmingham!

This property is an old farmhouse in Kings Norton in an idyllic setting of 10 acres of land surrounded by out buildings and stables. The thick walls and robustness make the property perfect to accommodate L and other individuals with complex needs. Those who may otherwise reside in hospital due to lack of suitable housing provision. An offer was immediately made on the property, accepted, and secured.

After a couple months of legalities, the work began so the building could really take shape. Mum also got involved in viewing and the identification of the property and supported with design ideas alongside L’s circle of support. These included OTs, PBS and SALT. The property was also designed in line with the good autism practice guidelines, to ensure low arousal techniques were considered. Including low level lighting, positioning of windows colour schemes etc. Anti-ligature was also considered as well as robust fixtures and fittings.

The identification of an experienced staff team then began which included recruiting new members, and also redeploying existing colleagues to support. The staff team partook in rigid training and induction programs, tailored to L’s needs.

James Punch – iBC Healthcare’s PBS Lead who helped facilitate a smooth transition and person-centered support plan.
L’s spacious bespoke apartment with private entrance complete with toughened furniture and specialist trampoline.
Team Leader Tabetha supported L’s transition period and continues supporting L 5 days a week.

The transition for L was over a 12 week period and included an observation of L, and interaction with multiple staff. The PBS plan from the hospital was adapted to meet L`s needs living in a supported living property, whilst maintaining continuity of care and positive approaches where possible. Since L`s move, James has supported twice per week for the first month. Followed on by 1 day per week for the following month to support the staff team around PBS practice.

PBS Lead James Punch says “I am highly impressed by the teamwork and comprehensive bespoke support L has been provided with to ensure this transition was positive and to help him settle into his new home. The transition was smooth and everyone was involved and kept informed at all times. Staff have supported L though some anxieties and incidents during this period but have maintained professionalism and positivity ensuring L is safe and supported fully”

“The staff team built a great rapport with L over this period, understanding his likes and dislikes. Also, observing routines and getting a real understanding of his support needs. “

L has gone from being restrained daily to having 1 restraint in 2 weeks!

“I’m super proud of how far L has come transitioning from hospital over to his forever home. I have noticed the positive change in his behaviors of concern. Moving forward I’m looking forward to L living a fulfilled better quality of life that he certainly deserves.”

L’s Mum Julie mentioned.

Katie Clohessy Manager says “I’m extremely happy to be supporting L in his new home in the community. Since meeting L back in January he has come on in milestones, it feels amazing that myself and my team have been a part of this progression with Luke. We are looking forward to helping and supporting Luke to live a better quality of life”.

Jenny Payne Head of Commissioning says “It is amazing to see L’s journey finally come to fruition after months and months of planning. My colleagues have gone above and beyond to ensure that every obstacle has been overcome to give L the best possible care and support. iBC Healthcare pride themselves in delivering the best care and support possible and deliver our new developments to a high standard. We believe that everyone should have a home where they feel safe and this value will be replicated through all our new developments and helping more vulnerable people”

DPG’s Story

Since moving into his new home, DPG has achieved many short-term goals, and continues to grow with the support of his person centred staff team.

DPG has a diagnosis of Autism and Severe Learning Disabilities. He relies on his staff to support and encourage routine and structure, to help him understand the world around him. Having high energy levels that need to be channelled into meaningful activities, to help relieve and therefore avoiding escalation in behaviours. DPG is non-verbal, who depends on his staff team to pre-empt his needs and understand him well. So a dedicated and highly skilled staff team is paramount in ensuring DPG’s needs, wishes and goals are met.

Before moving into his own home, in a quiet town in Leicestershire. He lived in his family home, and received community support and respite care from another provider, who’s staff team supported us to facilitate a smooth transition, showcasing partnership working.

Some words from Leicester Supported Living Team Leader, Matt Bray
DPG’s person-centred staff team
Biggest Achievement

DPG is a vibrant individual and is learning to regulate his energy by taking breaks and relaxing between activities. DPG has partaken in activities such as ice-skating, and has been encouraged to help cook fresh meals daily and clean up after activities.

Future Goals

We envisage that DPG’s future outcomes consist of a higher level of independence and exploring new learning in his new environment. We will continue to support DPG in enhancing all acts of daily living, such as food preparation and participation in the general upkeep of his own home.

After our introduction into ice- skating by the Team Leader, DPG has now been approached to skate on the National Autistic Skate Team and is now undertaking a robust program to ensure he achieve this goal.

Here at iBC Healthcare we are a specialist provider supporting individuals in line with the Transforming Care Program and are flexible in designing and embedding bespoke support. We strongly believe that people with a learning disability and/or autism should be living within a community setting, not hospitals.